Easy meals for kids


Have you ever had to deal with fussy kids not wanting to eat what you have cooked up for dinner, or refusing to eat dinner because of the smell of it?

Tasty Junior is a Facebook page that creates food videos that appeal to the little ones, creating simple meals that they are bound to enjoy.

Tasty Junior has racked up over five million likes on Facebook. So if you’re looking for something that the kids won’t turn away at the dinner table tonight make sure you check out their Facebook page or check out some of the videos below.

Save Time In The Morning With These Freezer-Prep Breakfast Muf…

Save Time In The Morning With These Freezer-Prep Breakfast MuffinsFULL RECIPE: http://bzfd.it/2xbXBubGET THE APP: http://tstyapp.com/m/h7gcfaKwhG

Posted by Tasty Junior on Saturday, 9 September 2017


Time-Saving Sheet Pan Pancakes 

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